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Album Review: Here’s To The Fatigue by Press To MECO

Crawley trio Press To MECO release their second album Here’s To The Fatigue on 30th March via Marshall Records. Press to MECO have grown on this new album, not by taking huge, mile-long strides into the unknown, but by getting “much, much better at what we can do”.

This is a band writing about the things that can go wrong, their emotions and how they deal with adversity all bundled up in hope. There’s an over arching sense of positivity and having the strength to keep going and get through it. The sound on Here’s To The Fatigue is unique, marrying heavy moments with the technical all throw infectious and sumptuous choruses. It’s a record you’ll relate to and fall in love with.

Helping the band to achieve this sound was American producer Machine working on the new album in Austin, Texas. Known for his work with an array of bands from Fall Out Boy and Four Year Strong to the heavier sounds of Lamb Of God and Miss May I, the band plumped for him because, “He can make a band sound like themselves.”

“He really listens and tries to make your record sound like its own, individual thing,” says Luke. “It’s not like he goes, ‘Oh, here’s a heavy bit,’ and does the same thing he’d do for Lamb Of God. He really works with you to bring out the personality of you and the songs.”

To get a feel for Press To MECOs sound think Arcane Roots meets Bear Makes Ninja meets old school Fall Out Boy meets Sikth. Quite the veritable mix, which is reflected in the eclectic and instantaneous sound. ‘Skip The Crawl’ is an absolutely phenomenal track, showcasing all the ingredients that make up the band’s sound it’s diverse yet immediate. Full of energy and passion you can’t help but become enamoured. ‘A Place In It All’ turns things on its head coming in like old Biffy Clyro at one their quieter moments and sounding every bit as good.

Take tracks like ‘If All Your Parts Don’t Make a Whole’, ‘Howl’ and ‘A Quick Fix’ for the archetypical Press To MECO sound. Big, crushing riffs, sumptuous choruses and intricate parts come together in the form of some of the best rock songs you’ll hear in 2018. Special praise must be reserved for ‘The Things That We Don’t Talk About’. This is your new benchmark for infectious rock music. A track right out of the top drawer.

Press To MECO are on the up and this is the band realising all of their potential. Wonderful stuff.

AD Rating 9/10

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