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Playlist: Zurich influences

Oxford alt rock act Zurich release their new single ‘Where You’ve Been’ today (23rd March). In celebration we got the band to fashion us a playlist on their influences. Listen to the track below then over to the band…


Cold Cave – Confetti

Chris: I discovered this album when it came out in 2011, and Confetti is a song I keep coming back to. Every aspect fits perfectly as the duo have balanced layers of gloom with dance. With the songs we’ve been working on since Small Wars, there has been a gradual shift towards electronic synth-led songs and this song was the most inspiring to me and my input on the songs.


D.D.Dumbo – Walrus

Chris: This album blew my mind. Somehow it sounded like so many artists and bands I’d heard before, but in a completely new and refreshing way. Then I discovered that he performed these songs solo with just a loop pedal. Totally insane. There are little neat production tricks we put into Where You’ve Been, and Walrus seems like another level of that detail. So even though this song wasn’t a direct influence on our most recent tracks, it certainly gave me lots to think about with regard to song-writing and recording in general.


Beg For The Night – Twin Shadow

Chris: The main synth chords that run through Where You’ve Been always makes me think of this song, and this era of Twin Shadow. When Adrian sent me the original demo I got the exact same vibe, which led me to go back to this and rediscover its layers and beauty. And so, similarly to Confetti, this became a reference point for me on other songs we started working on.


Grimes – Kill V. Maim

Chris: As these new songs are our first fully self-produced tracks, it’s hard not to look to other artists who are doing the same, and Grimes is an incredible producer and songwriter. Art Angels came out just after our first UK tour had finished, and we’d been slowly working towards our own self-production. While most people would think we and Grimes are miles apart stylistically, I feel this song in particular channels the same kind of dynamic shifts as Where You’ve Been, and has been a bit of a soundtrack to me over the past couple of years.


The Killers – When You Were Young

Chris: When we recorded Small Wars we used Kings of Leon’s Mechanical Bull album as a production and mix reference point. And for Where You’ve Been, we used this song. It’s important to check your work alongside something with the same kind of production and instrumentals that you admire. It’s a good way of making sure your mix isn’t too bass heavy, or to thin, or lacking in mids. Also, it’s just a great song.


Dolly Mavies – My Buoy

Chris: Our singer Adrian, who’s been producing and mixing this single, has also started producing and composing for other projects. Dolly (who features on Where You’ve Been) has been recording her new EP at Adrian’s home studio, so this song has been playing a lot alongside us working on our material too. It’s a really beautiful track, and has a fantastic video too, and was only released a few weeks ago.


Max Richter – II. Mrs Dalloway: In The Garden

Chris: Strings have been slowly creeping into our work, and what never seems to be noticed is that we are huge fans of classical, neo-classical music and film scores. The string arrangements in Where You’ve Been are definitely more direct than we have been in the past, and to us, Max Richter captures the emotional dynamic of orchestral instruments like nobody else.

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