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Playlist: Contrive’s influences

With the release of their recent single ‘What’s Mine’ we caught up with Andrew Haug from Contrive to curate a playlist of ten tracks that have influenced them.

First up that new video, then over to Andrew…

Wow, this it tough but can’t resist a challenge so here goes:


Igor Cavalera was the drummer that inspired me to pick up the sticks; he played with pure passion, energy and honesty. These traits are rarely seen in players live today I must say.

Slayer – Dittohead.

I guess I am coming from a drummer perspective here, but holy fuck this track crushes with pure tension and finesse from Paul Bostaph, crushing player.

Tool – Aenima.

Their soundscapes and musical moods on this record opened a lot of doors for bands that wanted to be heavy but not be tagged ‘Metal’. Danny Carey is a monster player who inspired me to add more electronics, samples to our sound too.

COG – No Other Way.

A truly unique and powerful 3 piece band from Australia. Incredible live, just check them out and thank me later.

Gojira – Heaviest Matter Of The Universe.

These guys to me have taken the reigns of power and passion that was once displayed by Sepultura (Max era). Mind-blowing live, sooo much emotion it hurts but in a good way. Mario Duplantier kills it live!

Coroner – Serpent Moves.

Such a godly band that never made the same album twice. Pure guitar solo bliss, this album Grin released in 93 is timeless so get educated and check it out.

Morbid Angel – Dawn Of The Angry.

Fuck, if this track doesn’t get you pumped, I don’t think we can be friends. This displays the fact that Death Metal bands today and have forgotten that sticking to one riff at a time is more important than hey here’s 30 in the 1st 30 secs!

Listen and learn!

Metallica – Disposable Heroes.

This song epitomizes everything that is Metal. Pure songwriting mastery, just untouchable.

Opeth – When.

The album that made me sit up and go whooa who is this?? They were like no other band I’d heard before and still to this day they stand alone.

Massive Attack – Rising Son.

Shock, this ain’t Metal! But I guarantee when you hear it you’ll agree it’s dark and moody and heavy.

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