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Album Review: The Things I Heard At The Party by The Maple State

Manchester’s The Maple State release their new album The Things I Heard At The Party on 23rd March via Far Out Records. The record will be their first new material in almost a decade.

Since playing their last gigs in the summer of 2008, the remaining members of The Maple State have followed very different and distinct paths. For several years Greg Counsell continued to write and perform music under the name Ghost Saddles and occasionally wandered off to South America where he worked in wildlife conservation, but he now works as a Conservation Biologist in the north of England. His brother and the band’s bass player, Christian, became involved in a European Space Agency environmental project, which took him to Copenhagen where he now lives with his girlfriend, whilst guitarist Richard Higginbottom works as a University Lecturer and publishes photography books through Tide Press, the publishing company he established in 2015.

There’s a folk tinged indie punk to proceedings, as a result it’s all delightfully infectious and immediate. There’s wry stories behind several tracks, no more so than latest single ‘Something In The Water’ that acts a recollection of an unintentional hallucinogenic experience after an ayahuasca-fuelled afternoon at a village football tournament just outside Santa Cruz in Bolivia.

Overall, it’s an easy album to like. It doesn’t require any effort to like, the harmonies and light guitar work lends itself to an easy listen and while the first two tracks in being the lead singles standout there isn’t a weak track. ‘Africa’ is full of charm, the laidback indie of ‘Sexy Jam’ is hypnotic while ‘Cold Theatre II (Always You)’ had real indie swagger and you can’t help but sing along to ‘Deadline’.

AD Rating 7/10

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