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Playlist: Louis Antoniou’s influences

Let us introduce you to Louis Antoniou. Louis Antoniou is a London alternative rocker singer-songwriter with a bluesy/folk twist. Think Arctic Monkeys meets The Doors. He is currently in the process of releasing 5 singles before July 2018.

With the release a double track release called Lonesomeville (stream below) we caught up with Louis to get his inspirations.


L.A Salami, I Wear This Because Life Is War:


The troubadour is currently the pioneer for alt rock music, and thank god for it! I read an interview with him not long a go and he bracketed his music as ‘post-modern blues,’ and I would like to think of my music falling under that umbrella too. I suppose I see myself as more of a hopeless bard, a unheard town crier aha. This track was one of my favourties from his debut though because of the tenacity, something I tried to capture when recording the track ‘Lonseomeville.’


Holly GoLightly, Slow Town


Holly has been one of my main inspirations for a while now. I recorded my debut single ‘Bad Apple,’ where she recorded the album Slow Town, Gizzard Studios. I love her eery folk vibe. I was listening to a lot of Holly when I wrote I Let The rain Fall Hard.


Alabama Shakes, Don’t Wanna Fight No More


When I recorded the singles at The Crypt Studio, we used this track, this album, as a reference point. I was keen to capture mine and the bands live aspect on record, get that vibe across on record and George the producer certainly did that. We recorded all of the singles live, every little thing guitar slide, crash, breath before I sing is right there in your ears, it’s eargasmic.


Arctic Monkeys, Fire & The Thud


As far as songwriters go, Mr A Turner is certainly up there for me. I was a big fan of the Monkey’s dark ominous third album, especially this track. I’m keen to get a female vocalist on some of my next material like this song has Alisson Mosshart. The concept is very dark and cinematic, and that cinematic appeal was again, something I was keen for the records to posses. These singles are from a dark place in a lonely corner of the my heart, and this song gave me inspiration lyrically, instrumentally, and conceptually.


Iggy Pop, Sunday


This album is unreal, of course I’m a big Iggy and Josh Homme fan so the album was the pinnacle for me aha. Two rock gods meeting at the cross roads or some shit. The instrumentation caught my eye on this record, like the reverb and delay used on Iggy’s vocal. We grabbed ideas for little effects on guitar and vocals from this record and it really worked! Ey presto!


PJ Harvey, To Bring You My Love


I love the way this track builds, it grips you from the start. The effect on her vocals was a good source of inspo for me, using gain and her vocal performance is second to none. Holding those long notes, adding that menacing almost harrowing tension, something she does so well.


The Arcs, The Arc


I love the 60’s vibe in Dan Auerbachs stuff, funky, gets your toes tapping. It’s got a killer riff and that fuzz effect was key for the solo on Lonesomeville played by my awesome guitarist Jamie Lawson. We picked up the Big Muff pedal, plugged Jamie in and he let rip. It intensifies, adds another dynamic to the Louis sound.


Bob Dylan, The Ballad of a Thin Man


Bringing the folk element to my music has certainly derived from Bob Dylan. I love the use of keyboard on the highway 61 album and I wanted to add the church organ to I Let The Rain Fall Hard, adding a different emotion to the track. It really shaped the choruses, intensified the sound, adding this church sound, cinematic approach to the track. I think the surroundings really impacted the record too, recording at the Crypt where Dylan once famously recorded, that played on my mind at times and this song was a ref track from the first day of recording. I love the way he tells stories too, and depicts emotions and that was something in my mind when I was writing this songs. The metaphor for rain etc.


Nick Cave, Into My Arms


This was more of a personal reference point when singing all my recordings. His voice is an incredible artist. yes, he has that gothic devilish side but he also has this angelic demure. His tones honestly are soporific, heartfelt and he takes on his archangel persona.



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