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Album Review: Mire by Conjurer

Metal act Conjurer release their debut album Mire on 9th March via Holy Roar Records. This is a powerful and atmospheric album that exceeds all expectations. Crushing, dark, blackening and visceral layers combine to make this an enthralling and pulsating listen.

Led by the dual vocal/guitar attack of Dan Nightingale and Brady Deeprose, Conjurer are fast on the rise, having just completed a four-date headline tour (selling out the London show), and booked for UK Tech-Fest and 2000Trees Festival. Prior tours with Weedeater, OHHMS, shows with Employed To Serve, Venom Prison, Oathbreaker, and festival appearances at Bloodstock Open Air, Damnation Fest, UK Tech Fest, Doom Over London and more besides place Conjurer in rarefied but highly deserved company.

Combining different elements of metal from the extreme to sludge, Conjurer come in sounding as if they’ve taken all the best elements from Mastodon, Pallbearer, Opeth with touches of Gojira and a sprinkling of Deafheaven. From the opening atmospherics of ‘Choke’ through the speed and ferociousness of ‘Retch’ to the slugding closer of ‘Hadal’ you feel full immersed in the deafening and crushing riffs. It’s glorious and wonderfully engaging.

‘Hollow’ is the perfect example of the varied style and strength of Conjurer. Devastatingly heavy riffs open the track accompanied by guttural vocals before the track breaks down into atmospheric post-metal verging on the almost ambient. Just as your being transported into a ‘safe space’ the crushing riffs back into play, but the atmospheric dynamics remain and the track progresses into something awe inspiring and epic.

The demonic speed of ‘Thankless’ takes the album towards extreme metal before twisting back towards progressive metal. The haunting disposition of ‘Of Flesh Weaker Than Ash’ – achieved through big black riffs and a post-metal tinge – is special, but to get the real power of Mire listen to it all in one sitting. Excellent stuff.

AD Rating 8/10


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