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Playlist: Black Palms’ influences

We caught up with new London act Black Palms and off the back of their debut single ‘Turned To Ash’ they’ve got involved in our playlist feature. Just like their sound, it’s a diverse melting pot. Over to the band…

Hey everyone! We’re Black Palms and here’s a playlist of tracks that have influenced our sound. You can check out our debut single and video here:


Briony (vocals)


Ella Fitzgerald – Ev’ry time we say goodbye:

I learned how to sing listening to Ella; very few have ever managed to match such passion and angst with such incredible and effortless vocal agility!


Dead Weather – I’m Mad:

Super cool and sexy vocals delivered with attitude and always laced with quirky artefacts – a great role model for style.


Chris Cornell – Nothing Compares 2 U (cover):

There’s a deep passion and pain delivered in every word and he sings with the most gorgeous rugged tone – a massive inspiration for me.


Chris (guitars)


Queens of The Stone Age – First It Giveth:

Josh Homme was the first guitarist in history to make death metal chord progressions sound sexy and cool rather than macho and cheesy- huge influence on our whole band.


Battles – Futura

They ushered in the 21st century with an entire re-think of the possibilities of guitar playing, developing a palm-muted signature sound nearer to electronica whose influence underpins my playing in every track.


Admiral Angry – Blow Down

Little known-about band from LA who split after the mastermind Daniel Kraus died from cystic fibrosis at 22 years old, but who developed their own guitars by customising basses to reach ever more savage low tunings. This fearlessness with new technology gave me the confidence to develop my POG (octave pedal) based sound, a key component in our band’s sonic make-up.


Tally (drums)


Deftones – Around the Fur:

One of the most incredible exponents of the 90s US groove drumming style who provided so many possibilities without relying on double kick in addition to playing so many tasteful and original fills – huge inspiration for my playing.


Metz – Acetate:

Just beats the sh*t out of his kit – no other way to say it! Such a great example for rock drummers and a big motivator for me personally.


Death Grips – No Love:

I love no nonsense drums that just drive the track along without any unnecessary frills – one of my favourite new drummers and bands at the moment.


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