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Albums That Shaped Alt Dialogue #5: You Come Before You by Poison The Well

The preamble and full list

For the fourth “Album that Shaped Alt Dialogue” I decided to go for a slightly different tact. Something heavier, something more visceral, and album that opened the door to hardcore and metalcore. We bring you, You Come Before You by Poison The Well.

Being the least known band on our list so far, we’ll give you a little history of Poison The Well, primarily a hardcore punk band they formed in 1997 releasing two albums either side of You Come Before You. They went on hiatus in 2010 “to explore other interests”, reforming to play two shows in 2015 and five North American shows in 2016.

Released on 1st July 2003 and selling more than 115500 copies in the US, You Come Before You was the bands only album on a major label (Atlantic Records). Poison the Well wanted to continue the evolution of their sound and felt that they needed a team of people who understood where they were going and what they wanted to do. They recorded with Swedish producers Pelle Henricsson and Eskil Lövström. Both had worked on many influential mid to late nineties Swedish hardcore records, including Refused’s Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent and The Shape of Punk to Come. The band first recorded in Van Nuys, California at Sound City Stuidos and completed the rest at Tonteknik Recording AB in Umeå, Sweden.

The album sits somewhere between hardcore punk, post-hardcore and metalcore. There’s all the urgency and discordance of a hardcore punk album, all the heavy riffs of a metalcore album but it was the post-hardcore leanings that first attracted us. Hell, it’s the reason I still love this album. Take ‘Meeting Again For The First Time’ and ‘The Realist’ as markers. Both have the huge sing along choruses akin to Funeral For A Friend but with heavier riffs and more of a hardcore kick. It made me sit up and take notice, this was something I’d be searching for.

Then you have he heavier more chaotic moments like ‘Zombies Are Good For Your Health’ and ‘Pleasant Bullet’ which are every bit as glorious and exhilarating. Put them alongside the wonderfully crushing ‘Apathy is a Cold Baby’ and the measured ‘Sounds Like The End of the World’ and you’ve got an album with variances and longevity.

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