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Album Review: Exiled by Drones

London based alt rock band Drones release their new album Exiled on 9th March via Lockjaw Records. Frantic and ferocious alt rock is the order of the day and Drones serve it up alongside modern day social commentary.

Vocalist Lois McDougall explains the thoughts behind the album, “Exiled is a collection of songs that we began writing after being struck by the misery of the European refugee crisis. Some of the songs are written from the perspectives of fictional characters of those impacted by the crisis, and others of those who prefer to distance themselves from it. Millions of people are suffering every day and it’s a subject that should be kept at the forefront of all of our minds. Music is a great platform for personal connection. We’ve taken a subject that can so easily be viewed as a distant-seeming ‘world-issue’, and tried to make it more personal. In doing so, we hope that people may feel more compassion for the victims, and that those suffering may find an ounce of comfort in these songs. Exiled is dedicated to those fleeing any war-torn country.”

An admirable message to have and for the most art it works well for Drones. Crucially, the music lets Exiled down. It’s all a little too predicable and radio friendly. Imagine middle of the road alt rock with a bit more gusto and you’ll have hit the nail on the head. Normally, that little extra gusto would add to the overall feel making the record standout, here it just sounds like it’s been done a thousand times before. It’s like a blander version of Marmozets or Lonely The Brave

Lead single ‘Rorschach’ is the only track to really standout. The crunchy, urgent riffs boarder on creating some excitement but ultimately fade out. Elsewhere there’s a nice piano outro on ‘Territories’ and the acoustic guitars of ‘Black Blood’ provide a welcome turn of pace.

Essentially this is a ‘starter’ alt rock album. Inoffensive yet politically charged. Safely within the confines of middle of the road alt rock with a little bit of attitude. Perfect for the 15-year-old.

AD Rating 5/10

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