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Playlist: Rolo Tomassi tour listening

With Rolo Tomassi releasing their new album Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It today (2nd March) and their upcoming tour (see dates below) we caught up with James Spence to see what he listens to on tour.



The following collection of songs is what has dominated my touring/travelling listening over the last couple of months.

Mainly it’s a lot of ambient or instrumental music that I find it easy to read to as we travel. It’s not all specifically drone music but that title came to me and I stuck with it. It was particularly fitting for the long drives on our recent European run supporting While She Sleeps and sound tracked a lot of staring out of a van window at the amazing scenery. Whenever we’re touring I tend to avoid listening to heavy music as its overkill when it’s all you’re surrounded by it nightly so this acts as a bit of escapism from that too. Enjoy!


Tigran Hamasyan – To Love


Forest Swords – War It


Tim Hecker – 200 Years Ago


Rachels – Moscow Is In The Telephone


Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri – Lo Esencial Es Invisible a los Ojos


Stars Of The Lid – Articulate Silences, Pt.2


Bvdub – Painless


Grouper – Travelling Through A Sea



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