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Album Review: Everything Dies by Nervus

Nervus release their sophomore album Everything Dies on 9th March via Big Scary Monsters. Recorded and produced by Bob Cooper (Citizen, Nai Harvest, Kamikaze Girls) and Em Foster at Crooked Rain Studios in Leeds, this shows Nervus at their very best – full of emotion, punk dynamics and a knack for a super infectious hook.

Comparing this to their 2016 debut Permanent Rainbow, it’s a different beast, on the surface it’s more infectious and immediate. Looking below the surface and you release that while their debut focused on the self, this deals with exterior forces and how they play on the mind of someone dealing with gender dysphoria. Naturally this leads to Everything Dies being a deeply personal album, but one that has an overwhelming sense that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and you can be positive in the face of any negativity.

In the words of Em Foster, “I think the theme of the album is actually quite positive, with each and every point made about the shit that you face in life and in death, there’s an offer of hope. Fighting to keep things in perspective, that’s what Everything Dies is about. It’s not easy, it’s not pretty, and it’s not always possible on your own or even possible at all, and it’s about grappling with that.”

All 10 tracks on Everything Dies are absolute bangers. The infectious punk riffs have all the swagger and punch you could ask for while there’s enough hooks and big choruses to sucker you in and make you fall in love. ‘Congratulations’ kicks the album off in storming style and from there the album goes from strength to strength. ‘Recycled Air’ is gloriously infectious before ‘It Follows’ begs you to sing along and forget the world.

‘Skin’ blends a pop sensibility with an Alkaline Trio pop punk urgency. Commanding in lyrical content and forthright musically it’s a standout moment and the perfect go to point if you want to dip into the album. Doing that would be a waste though, why starve yourself of the rest? Nervus have created a wonderfully triumphant and compelling album, listen to it all, revel in the hooks.

‘Medicine’ charms while ‘The Way Back’ excites with it big riffs but it’s with the closing two tracks ‘Hold Tight’ and ‘Fall Apart’ that you’ll be convinced that Nervus are something special. The former has more hints of Alkaline Trio but is more alt rock than pop punk, there’s a mesmerizing quality that suckers you in and beseeches you to listen on repeat. The latter is a wonderfully emotional track, the piano intro pulls at the heartstrings before the guitars etc kick in to make for a fitting end to an enthralling and infectious album.

AD Rating 8.5/10

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