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Album Review: We Can Live Here Forever by Barely Civil

Midwestern emo/alt rock act Barely Civil release their debut album We Can Live Here Forever on 2nd March via Take This To Heart Records. This is an album made in the American Midwest, about the American Midwest, and while we’re throwing the term about couldn’t sound anymore Midwestern.

For those of you not familiar with the Midwestern sound, think of the emo revival bands of the last few years. There’s loads of bands to use as your marker, hell even search for Midwestern emo on this site and you’ll get a few hits. A lot of these bands have a similar, indie-emo sound it’s light on the riffs and big on the hooks and emotion. We Can Live Here Forever is no different.

Lyrically the album has its roots in the Midwest too, as the press release says, Vocalist/guitarist and primary lyricist Connor Erickson leaves plenty of signage trailing to his home base. “Eau Claire? Oh, Claire.” marries Wisco landmarks with a portrait of cautious twenty-something love. “Stark” and “Kent” — a pair of slumbering guitar tracks in the back half — gain their names from his and bassist Ben Forst’s address lines. There’s also an outward mobility as the tracks grow in magnitude, cataloguing sleepless nights in Super 8 motels, in others’ houses, in the scattered silence carried through cigarette smoke and whispered confessions.

Ok, there will be no further mention of the Midwest, sorry.

Essentially you can forget about it as you’ll be able to enjoy the album no matter where you’re from. It’s a pleasant, if somewhat unremarkable album. None of the tracks standout as being more than good but neither do they strike you as being bad. You’ll enjoy its 40-minute span, but it isn’t album you’ll rush back to, stick it on, relax and let it blend into your day.

Perhaps the best description would be inoffensively bland. 10 decent tracks, but ultimately 10 pretty forgettable tracks. Meh.

AD Rating 5/10

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