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Playlist: Dearist – Songs with Stories

Ahead of Dearist releasing their second album Sonder on 27th April, we asked the band to get involved with our playlist feature.

First up their new single then over to the boys…

The lyrics to our album are all about putting yourself in other people’s shoes, and looking at things from someone else’s perspective. Hence the album name SONDER. So we thought we’d stick with that theme and put together a playlist of songs where the lyrics have really cool stories behind them… Songs with Stories


Songs With Stories Playlist….



La Dispute – Kings Park

[Adam] This song is such a great example of storytelling. I don’t even hear the music when I’m listening to this song, the lyrics are so vivid, it’s like watching a film in my head. And that part at the end where Jordans screaming ‘Can I still get into heaven if I kill myself…’. Oh man, it’s incredible.




Manchester Orchestra – I Can Feel A Hot One

[Lee] Singer Andy Hull describes “The way that song is written is, in the first half I’m basically just describing touring and kind of my relationship with God and my wife,” he explains. “And the end is about this dream I had about us being in the van and getting sideswiped and hit by a huge truck. I dreamed my wife was pregnant at the time and I lost her. But this life was inside her, and in some weird way I was able to celebrate that there was some new life coming with one ending.”




Radical Face – Black Eyes

[Jimmy] Black Eyes is a song taken from a trilogy of concept albums about a fictitious working-class family in 19th Century America. This song is about a particular character’s wife growing tired of her husband’s alcoholism and abusive nature, and she finally finds the courage to take their children and leave. The abandoned husband then embarks on a pursuit of his wife, with violent intentions. The rhythm, melody and lyrics compliment each other so well, there’s a real sense of danger, chase and urgency throughout the track. It’s a very haunting sound, from an intricate catalogue of extremely well written songs. I can’t recommend this trilogy enough.




Bandit – Losing in a Sense

[Adam] This band are a new find for me. And there’s one song on their album that I have a lot of questions about. The song starts with ‘The wolf of Chicago, sleeps with his pride at his side every night, on a mattress in the living room of his aunt’s apartment’ What a sentence! When I first heard it was just super intriguing. I’d love to know what it’s all about.




Pushing Daisies – Kintsugi

[Adam] These guys are really good friends of ours, and I’ve heard Bert the singer introduce this song a million times. Kintsugi is a Japanese practice, where they fix broken bowls using gold. There’s just something about that imagery, that your scars are precious that is so interesting. So interesting actually I got a Kintsugi tattoo! Boom!




Say Anything – Alive With The Glory Of Love

[Adam] Here’s a mid 2000’s classic. It’s about Max Bemis’s grandparents being prisoners of war. It’s a love song in a terrible setting, you couldn’t ask for more drama!




The Cribs – Be Safe

[Lee] It features a monologue by Lee Ronaldo from Sonic Youth describing what sounds like the feelings and emotions about how mundane life can be, how it can drag you down and change you and how you want to break free from it, slow down time and make a new skin for yourself. Quite dark and trippy actually.




Trophy Eyes – Chlorine

[Adam] I loved the musical direction of this song but I never gave the lyrics much thought until recently when I saw a video of the singer explaining them. It’s about a guy the singer knew from his childhood who saved him from drowning, years later that guy killed himself over a girl. I just love how the song brings two separate stories into the same song.




Mat Kerekes – My Lucky #3

[Adam] This song is super obvious in its meaning but I heard Mat talk about the meaning behind this song and I thought it was interesting. The songs about when he had a motorcycle crash and about the feelings he had when he thought he was about to die and the feelings he had were not what you’d expect (which I guess is the whole ‘life flashing before your eyes’)




Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight

[Adam] This song made the list because it has so many urban myths surrounding the meaning. Some say it’s about Phil watching a man drowning, some says it’s about his divorce. Either way it’s a really cool song.




Fun. – The Gambler

[Lee] This is a story told through the eyes of frontman Nate Ruess’ mother and and explains how his parents first fell in love, their relationship and the diagnosis of Nate’s sickness. He sings of his sister, his family, the way his parents met by firelight. It speaks of a desire to love for 50 years, of breaking the mould and saving ourselves.


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