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Album Review: Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It by Rolo Tomassi

Sheffield metal/math-core act Rolo Tomassi release their new album Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It on 2nd March via Holy Roar. If there’s one thing you can rely on Rolo Tomassi for it’s that each new album ups their game and they constantly improve. This is the pinnacle of Rolo Tomassi, this is something very special.

To kick things off we’ll get a bit of background from James Spence (keys and vocals) – “The title was taken from a print a friend of ours had made in tribute to a poem by Richard Brautigan. I knew straight away it’s what I wanted to call the album. Following something like (previous album) ‘Grievances’, which was quite monochromatic, I felt this title had a lot more optimism and colour to it which is how I wanted the music to sound. I had the title before we’d even started thinking about writing music and I used it as a sort of brief for how I thought a record with that title should sound.”

That should give you a good feel of what to expect from Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It, and it doesn’t disappoint. This feels like a band rejuvenated and full of life, each of the ten track bursts with energy and passion, it seeps into your subconsciousness feeling like an old friend after one play. It’s more immediate and infectious than Grievances, perhaps having more of the feel of 2010’s Cosmology, yet retaining all the expansiveness of Grievances.

The lead singles from the album have been superb, ‘Rituals’ displays the middle ground of the bands sound whereas ‘Aftermath’ is an infectious and triumphant song that you want to put on repeat and sing along to. For your faint-hearted friends, give them this as a starting point. With the album off to that strong start it goes from strength to strength.

‘The Hollow Hour’ shows both the expansive and crushingly heavy sides of Rolo Tomassi before the stunning ‘Balancing The Dark’ takes you on a journey through brutally infectious riffs, throat shredding vocals all with a sense of urgency you can’t help but get excited about. ‘Alma Matter’ flourishes in typical Rolo Tomassi style, blending math-rock with super heavy riffs – through in a breakdown a quiet moment and some clean vocals and you’ve got one of the band’s best tracks.

‘A Flood Of Light’ surpasses the eight minute mark and it’s the band at their most expansive, brightest and most insatiable. It’s one of those tracks that passes far to quickly despite its length, the quieter expansive moments combine with the primal heaviness to connect with listener in what almost feels like an out of body experience. Just glorious. ‘Whispers Among Us’ ramps up the brutality before you’re treated to another epic in ‘Contretemps’. The stark difference in the former to the piano led intro of the latter emphasises just how good Rolo Tomassi are, the unambiguous shifts work wonderfully creating a huge and chilling impact. ‘Contretemps’ is expansive beauty that displays the bands arsenal. Closer ‘Risen’ tugs and the heartstrings making you realise how emotionally connected you’ve become to the album, from there you’ll want to listen all over again and again….

AD Rating 9.5/10



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