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Album Review: Time & Space by Turnstile

American hardcore punks Turnstile released their second album Time & Space on 23rd February via Roadrunner Records. After the success of their debut Nonstop Feeling (2015) sparked major label bidding war the band have found the perfect home in Roadrunner.

Like their debut, this isn’t run of the mill hardcore. This time the hint of 90’s guitars comes to the fore on many tracks, turning the hardcore template on its head and serving up and immediate and incendiary slab of brutally heavy hard rock.

At 25 minutes this isn’t going to take up much of your time, but it delivers on the short and snappy bombastic hardcore that you’ll fall in love with. From the opening chords of ‘Real Thing’ through to closer ‘Time & Space’ it’s almost impossible to stop your foot from tapping and the urge to throw yourself around and band your head reaches fever point by the churning riffs of sixth track ‘High Pressure’

There’s times when Turnstile push the 90’s guitar sound that they almost sound like a grunge band with hardcore tendencies, ‘Big Smile’ and ‘I Don’t Want To Be Blind’ veer close to being immediate grunge masterpieces. Neither can be faulted either.

Conversely the band excel with they go for the unbridled hardcore sound, the double header of ‘(Lost Another) Piece of My Mind’ and ‘Can’t Get Away’ is absolutely glorious. The latter has all the urgency and aggression you could want while also being infectious – those riffs blow your face off.

The hard rock moments like ‘Moon’ showcases a progressive side to the band, while the 90’s hardcore of ‘Come Back For More/H.O.Y’ is the display of a band in their element. Both sides of Turnstile are equally as enthralling. There’s a Nirvana feel to the Diplo produced ‘Right To Be’.

It’s hard to figure out what the band where trying to achieve with the interludes ‘Bomb’ and ‘Disco’ but they’re over so quickly they don’t detract from an otherwise thrilling and powerful album.

AD Rating 8/10

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