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Album Review: Froidepierre by Jean Jean

French post-rock band Jean Jean release their new album Froidepierre on 23rd February through Lonely Voyage Records (UK), Black Basset Records (Belgium), and Head Records (France). The album’s title, is simply the name of the mountain cabin where it was recorded. This name can be explained by its geological setting, at the deepest heart of a forest where stones are colder than everywhere else and where light hardly penetrates.

That gives you a sense of things to come with Froidepierre, it encapsulates its place of origin, it’s dark, twisty and magical. If you’re familiar with Jean Jean then brace yourself for something of a departure from the sound of their debut album, 2013’s Symmetry. They’re now a three piece and the guitars sound like keyboards.

The process of recording this album was a little different too, the band took a different tact “the songs are shorter because they were composed with a sense of urgency”, leading to them being less traditionally post-rock feeling. With that urgency comes more immediacy, but the band still cram in all the emotion and atmospherics that you’d want, making for a rewarding listen.

If you’re looking for a marker think latter day Mutiny on the Bounty or Three Trapped Tigers. Post-rock at heart with tinges of math rock and a modern, electronic twist. It probably won’t appeal to the guitar enthusiast, but open your mind sit back and let yourself be transported into the deep, swelling landscape.

As an album it works wonderfully, flowing perfectly from track to track it brims with confidence and atmospherics it feels like it should be enjoyed as one piece of music rather than eight individual tracks. You’ll want to listen to the full 33 minutes in one go as the opening bars of ‘Konichiwa’ sucker you in through the rousing ‘Arozona’, the dark and formidable ‘Anada’ to the delicate yet resolute closer ‘Event Horizon’. If you’re determined to dip in go for the superb ‘Tensor Field’ or ‘Limerence’.

AD Rating 8/10

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