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Album Review: Watching The World Come Undone by Templeton Pek

Birmingham based punks Templeton Pek release their fifth album Watching The World Come Undone on 23rd February via Drakkar Records. “Lyrically it’s quite dark and very current in today’s fractured climate, it’s as close to a concept album as we come” says vocalist Neal Mitchell. The band started the writing process before the Brexit vote and before Trump came to power, but could sense that there was impending chaos on the horizon, not just politically. “It’s seems we are the architects of our own destruction”, states Mitchell.

Produced by Davey Warsop, a fellow Birmingham native, now based in Long Beach. The album was brought to life at the famous Hurley Studios (Green Day, Avenged Sevenfold & many more) in Costa Mesa, California.

The band added of the experience “We really pushed ourselves on this record in terms of song writing, the material and our individual performances as a whole. Davey was instrumental in all of that, right down from pre-production to pushing us in the studio, and we think that really shows in the album.”

Simply put, the band achieved everything they set out to do. This is a record that distils the chaos and disfunction of the last two years – politically, socially and environmentally – without being overbearing or self-righteous.  Perhaps more importantly it’s an excellent punk rock album, by far the band’s best and most accessible piece of work to date, this is your point of reference for Templeton Pek.

If you like early Offspring or Rise Against then this is the perfect album for you. This will give you everything you want from an album and a little more.

There’s not a single weak track on Watching The World Come Undone either. The album starts of strong with the forthright and commanding ‘Nowhere to Hide’ and ‘Oblivious’ before ‘Axis’ comes storming in like a punk rock classic. The commentary is rousing and relatable yet it’s the riffs and hooks that really sucker you in.

Dip your foot in with the excellent ‘Sirens’ which shows the band at their best, marrying the social commentary with hooks to die for. From there you’re served up the first-rate trio of ‘Collision Course’, ‘Black Hearts’ and ‘City of Fire’ with the latter being a high point.

Commanding, anthemic punk rock fitting for 2018.


AD Rating 8/10

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