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Album Review: We Are Everywhere by Midwich Cuckoos

International punk collective Midwich Cuckoos release their debut album We Are Everywhere on 23rd February 2018 via Onslaught Music. What started out as a handful of songs written from one friend to another soon became a thoroughly 21st century, rolling stone.

With no live band or any specific intentions for the songs he was writing, founder and guitarist Patch Barbet (ex-Monsters In The Attic) had an intriguing idea. What would happen if he sent his work-in-progress tracks to various musician friends, who then wrote and recorded their own parts before sending them back? No need for band commitments, rehearsals or travelling the globe; the songs would remain punk rock, but the outcome was unpredictable and exciting.

Leaving the creative process open for people to put their own stamp on his songs, this low-pressure approach drew collaborations from as far afield as Italy, Brazil and beyond – the more elements that people added to the songs, the more dynamic and unique they became.  What started as a few chords in a bedroom soon became a rich vein of punk rock that was threaded with running bass lines, shredding guitar solos and inventive drumming far beyond anything he had imagined.

It’s an album like nothing you’ve heard before. In parts traditional punk it veers into pop punk territory, hard rock, alt rock and metal. Is it any good though?

Well it’s not bad. Its biggest flaw is that it’s a little disjointed. The uniqueness of this album probably makes that unavoidable, but it’s a flaw nonetheless. What kind of punk album is this? Simply put it’s not one particular kind, each track is distinct from the next without a real underlying theme. The lack of cohesiveness makes it a challenging listen.

It’s worth the listen though, the 9 tracks and 28 minutes aren’t going to make a dent in your day and the unbridled punk energy is pretty exhilarating. ‘Russian Doll’, ‘Oh Rats’ and ‘Dirty Love’ are great tracks. It’s an exciting project and well worth checking out.

AD Rating 6.5/10


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