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Album Review: Funeral Shakes by Funeral Shakes

Punk rock act Funeral Shakes release their, self-titled, debut album on 16th February via Silent Cult Records. Formed from the ashes of The Smoking Hearts, including founding members Calvin Roffey (bass/vocals) and Simon Barker (guitar). The duo worked tirelessly demoing tracks before embarking out into Watford’s music scene to track down the rest of their band. Funeral Shakes were swiftly joined by Gallows’ drummer Lee Barratt, after a chance meeting at a Metz show; the line-up would finally be complete with the addition of Nervus guitarist/vocalist Em Foster.

“When would you ever want to hear a song about people who’ve lived happily ever after? Never! You want to listen to the negative stuff, all wrapped up in a happy tune.” Funeral Shakes’ guitarist Simon Barker is the first to admit that his new band’s self-titled debut album is not for those who bask in the glory of love, but more an ode to the jilted, heartbroken and beaten, who have the sheer will to pick themselves up and carry on.

Funeral Shakes are a band with a pedigree and the album lives up to expectations. There’s the Gallows driving punk rhythm and the combined talents of finding an infectious hook of The Smoking Hearts and Nervus. You’re served 12 tracks that simmer with punk energy, snarling and bubbling with riff on top of riff, it’s ferocious at times but the band know exactly when to throw a killer hook into the mix making for a thrilling and infectious listen.

It’s a strong album that you’ll enjoy without being blown away. It delivers on expectations without exceeding them. ‘Lightning’, ‘Circles’ and ‘Gold Teeth’ are strong songs that marry the bands knack of finding that golden hook within the riffs, and while there aren’t any particularly weak tracks the rest come in sounding exactly how you’d except with nothing more. ‘Gin Palace’ and ‘Howl’ don’t really get chance to develop into great tracks, while ‘Bon Voyage’ comes closest to ramping things up a notch.

A strong debut, but surely there’s more to come from Funeral Shakes…

AD Rating 7/10


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