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Album Review: Wait For Love by Pianos Become The Teeth

Baltimore post-hardcore band Pianos Become The Teeth release their fourth album Wait For Love on 16th February via Epitaph. Produced and engineered by Will Yip, Wait For Love shows the band reconciling their aggressive past with the atmospheric turns of 2014’s Keep You. The album eschews stylistic traps in order to focus on song writing and feels like a full-realisation of what the band have hinted at in the past.

The sound of Wait For Love should hold no surprises. Keep You set the band on a different path, harsh vocals and hardcore tinged riffs were replaced with emotion laden sumptuous vocals and alt rock/indie guitar work. It moved the band from the screamo end of post-hardcore towards the more accessible emo end of the genre. Wait For Love enhances the bands progression moving them further away from their first two albums but also on to a higher plain.

The emotional impact of Wait For Love is 211 to you in a visceral way, it’ll do it without you really realising. Before you know it, you’ve fallen in love.

While the lyrics give Wait For Love a lot of its emotion the real work is done by the music. ‘Charisma’ has oomph, while ‘Dry Spells’ takes you into a more emotive landscape – the driving rhythm section plays the perfect foil to the gentle lead guitar. ‘Bay of Dreams’ ramps this up a notch, taking the band towards post-rock territory such are the atmospheric twist and turns.

If you struggle with connecting with the album, have a read of these words by the band. You shouldn’t need them, but they’ll help. ‘Bloody Sweet’ is a phenomenal track. It combines a raw emotion with an instantaneous hook and you can’t help but sing along. It’s helped by being bookended by two very strong tracks in ‘Forever Sound’ and ‘Manila’. Closer ‘Blue’ is just sublime.

Essential listening

AD Rating 9.5/10

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