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Album Review: Anatomical Venus by Black Moth

Leeds band Black Moth release their third album Anatomical Venus on 23rd February via Candlelight / Spinefarm. On this album the band move beyond their heavy garage rock sound, emerging as unique and unclassifiable mavericks whose invention and intuition elevate them to fresh plateaus of heaviness.

Recorded by Andy Hawkins at his The Nave Studios in Leeds, and mixed by Russ Russell (Napalm Death, The Wildhearts), its hooks are as vicious as its riffs are monstrous. There’s touches of Baroness and Torche to Black Moth’s sound, but it’s more than the norm, there’s something different and infectious to the band. It’s be too easy to point to vocalist Harriet Hyde, but it wouldn’t be invalid – having previously by her own reckoning attempted to downplay her femininity in an attempt to render it less of a talking point – made a decision to explore its complications, challenges and contradictions in a manner that renders ‘Anatomical Venus’ a raw and empowering document of both her experiences and those of her co-lyricist Jessika Green.

It’s a hard rock album that should be effortlessly enjoyed. Stick it on and let the riffs wash over you. Don’t try to dissect it too much, take the riffs and forceful vocals and experience the music without inhibitions. ‘Sisters of the Stone’ and ‘Severed Grace’ are instant and accessible access points to the album, but you’d be hard pushed to find a track which isn’t formidable and full of power. ‘Screen Queen’ and ‘A Thousand Arrows’ might take a touch longer to grow on you but they’ll end up being amoungst your favourites.

AD Rating 6.5/10

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