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Album Review: The Silence by Feed The Rhino

Kent Hardcore/metal act Feed The Rhino release their fourth album The Silence on 16th February via Century Media. The band’s unique sound is a combination of both the heavy metal and noisecore artists the quintet grew up listening to in the 90’s and early 2000’s, infused with a soul and groove, which even harks back to 70’s classic rock.

From the mouths of the band, “We couldn’t be more proud of this album, which we think shows an evolution from our last album (The Sorrow And The Sound, 2014), but keeps the FEED THE RHINO flag flying strong. We’re all really excited to hear what everyone thinks of what we’ve been working so hard on!”

The Silence does what the band wanted and the evolution couldn’t be any clearer. This is not just the band at their best but at their most accessible. The band have always specialised in white hot ferocity and a sonic bombardment that feels like a series of body blows to the gut from a heavyweight bare-knuckle boxer, only this time they do so with an increased knowledge of how to harness and release their bombast into something bigger and better.

Two tracks in (after lead singles ‘Timewave Zero’ and the sumptuous ‘Heedless’) you get the feeling that you might be listening to something special. Something that transcends the band’s heaviness into something more rounded and far reaching. ‘Losing Ground’ is equal parts quiet track and huge hard rock stormer – the laidback almost pop rock guitar parts play the perfect foil to the huge soaring solo and riffs that make up the final minute – absolutely glorious.

From that point, through to closer ‘Featherweight’ there isn’t a hint in a drop of quality. Every track comes in at the very top of the bands game. Whether it be the ferocious hard rock of ‘All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy’, the throbbing alt rock of ‘Yellow and Green’ or the driving guitars and visceral vocals of ‘Fences’ every track delivers up something different that keeps you locked in and captivated.

An enthralling listen throughout, a must for anyone that likes a riff.

AD Rating 8/10

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