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Playlist: Old Notes influences

California emo trio Old Notes will release their sophomore album, With A Heavy Heart, through Old Press Records on Friday, February 16th – and with that in mind we got the band to talk about their influences. To ease you in here’s the video to their new track ‘Dead Flowers’.



All of these songs influenced us to become the musicians that we are today.

The Adventure by Angels & Airwaves


Never Meant by American Football


Tongue Tied by Free Throw


Bit By A Dead Bee Pt. 1 by Foxing


Devin (Guitar and Vocals)

Clouds Above My Head by Tiny Moving Parts

This song changed the way I look at and approach music. It truly changed my life and became the soundtrack of my 19th and 20th year.


Unlovable by Worthwhile

This was my first introduction to melodic hardcore and how inspiring it can be.




Justin (Bass Guitar)

Distant Sun by Crowded House

Title Track by Death Cab For Cutie



Eli (Drums)

Hands by Moving Mountains

Tiny Furnace by Speak Low If You Speak Love

These two songs mean an incredible amount to me as a musician and appreciator of moods in music. The moods that these songs portray to me are the essence of what I love about dynamic, meaningful genres and styles of music. These songs definitely changed the way I look at songwriting




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