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Album Review: The Golden Age Of Not Even Trying by Dead!

UK punk rock act Dead! released their debut album The Golden Age Of Not Even Trying via Infectious Music on 26th January. Full of riotous riffs and punk energy that speaks to the disenchanted millennial in style and substance. “We all live in The Golden Age Of Not Even Trying whether we like it or not,” the band explain. “That means many different things to different people. We never stop to realise that all the decisions we choose to either take or neglect have an impact on the bigger picture of us as a society.”

Through the twelve tracks there’s a couple of moments where you’ve got to question if this all a little too much style over substance, but on the whole, it comes out sounding like a strong and formidable debut.

Lyrically it’s all about songwriter/vocalist Alex Mountford’s distaste for the current generation who put themselves first and don’t consider others or the social impact. Unsurprisingly this will connect with a legion of fans, it does feel a little disingenuous though. Maybe that’s just the view of a reviewer how may be a little old for the content.

Musically most of the album outshines the lyrical content. Opener, ‘The Boys † The Boys’ lights the fuse and sets up 40 minutes of fizzing and boisterous punk rock and grunge riffs. It’s an album to played loud, danced to and sung along with. ‘Enough, Enough, Enough’ is the in to radio play, with ‘Off White Paint’ lending a touch of youth to the current trend of big riffs with pop grunge – think Royal Blood while ‘Up for Ransom’ excels with its thunderous basslines and ‘You’re So Cheap’ blossoms like a poppier version of Dinosaur Pile-Up.

A formidable debut but you can’t shake the feeling that it’s all a little contrived. Dead! are a band that’ll end up huge or a flash in a pan, no middle ground, it’s 50/50 chance right now.

AD Rating 7/10

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