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EP Review: Make Peace by Valensole

Southampton punk rock back Valensole release their second EP Make Peace on 9th February. A DIY band through and through the band are self-releasing the EP, and the DIY attitude is at the very core of the band’s sound. Uncompromising and full of punk rock grit and diversity.

Mixing duties fell to guitarist and vocalist Elliot Jones who said of the EP, “The tracks showcase us as a band and represent the diversity possible within this genre. We can’t wait to get out on the road and play these songs to as many people as possible”.

So where to place Valensole? Put them somewhere between Pulled Apart By Horses and the punk rock of PUP. There’s nods to the past in there too, with hints of Nirvana, Foo Fighters and Green Day all mixed up to create something current and exciting. Opener ‘Giving Up’ is a modern alt rock anthem full of big riffs and a succulent chorus. ‘MAD’ veers a little close to 2000s lad rock for our liking, but on the whole, it’s a decent track. ‘So Bored’ shines bright with its shimmer punk rock before ‘Don’t Let Go’ plays as a juicy slice of pop rock. Final track ‘In Your Head’ is the best track on the EP, marring the influences of old with the bands modern sound it’s enthralling and exciting.

Sure, it might be rough around the edges but there’s bags of potential here and well worth your time.


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