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Album Review: Will This Do? by Long Neck

Long Neck release their sophomore album Will This Do? on 26th January via Tiny Engines. Long Neck is the project of Lily Mastrodimos. Mastrodimos was previously a member of Jawbreaker Reunion, recording songs as Long Neck since 2014, first as a solo project and now as a fully realized rock band.

This is an album of personal, introspective songs, an album about a bad year. It’s an attempt to deconstruct the frenzy of loss, emotional and mental turmoil, and deep-seated heartache into something that could be rebuilt and understood. It’s about the emotional ruin of trying to wring affection and validation from people who can’t or won’t provide it. It’s about trying to answer the impossible question of whether your life and your art can make the loved ones you’ve lost proud.

Were exactly does it fit though? There’s a smattering of power pop alongside a twang of UK style indie/folk punk – never quite being one or the other, it’s an endearing listen that has its strengths in the brutal honesty and personal nature of each track.

It’s an album that you stick on and relate to without getting too emotionally invested. Lyrically it’s interesting and captivating, it’s just a shame that musically it doesn’t match up. It’s decent and not without it’s moments of brilliance such as the pomp and march of ‘Elizabeth’ and ‘Love Letters’ and the archetypical album closer ‘10,000 Year Old Woman’. It just doesn’t grab your attention and ends up fading into the background. ‘Hive Collapse’ it the perfect example of a track that comes so close to being excellent but falls just short of the mark.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s an enjoyable listen – you just have to do a bit of work to stay focused on the album for it’s full 30 minutes. If you manage it, you’ll be rewarded with a lovely album that takes you on a journey through the year in the life of Mastrodimos. If you want to dip in, take ‘Rosy’ for a listen. While being a little dark there’s something optimistic and uplifting at its heart.

AD Rating 6/10


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