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Album Review: Never Nothing by Super Whatevr

California alt rock act Super Whatevr release their debut album Never Nothing on 19th January via Hopeless Records. This is a debut that will peak your interest and sucker you in, you might not have heard of Super Whatevr, but you’re about to be introduced to a captivating and eclectic debut.

First off, they aren’t you’re typical Hopeless Records act. While there might be touches of sad emo an pop punk, especially in tracks like ‘When Does The World End?’, there’s something that sets Super Whatevr out from the crowd. You’re never completely sure what the next track will come up with.

With ‘Bloomfied’ kicking things off with a distinct Arctic Monkeys-esque swagger of indie rock before ‘Kathrin with a K’ turns things on it’s head with a serine and moving ballad. It’s two very distinct sides of the coin, but both work well and keep you on your toes. ‘Why Do I Wonder Why’ injects some energy back into proceedings with a raucous indie energy that has its roots in the 2000s with tones of The Libertines lurking just under the surface. It’s a good track, but it falls short in matching its forefather by quite some distance.

‘For You’ brings the albums high point with a sharp injection of blustering alt rock with throbbing riffs, distortion and a hook that engrains itself. With this it shows the diversity at the heart of Super Whatevr’s sound and hints that this band could be something special. Both ‘Cops on Motorcycles’ and ‘Misquote’ are strong tracks further adding to the eclectic mix of styles on Never Nothing. Pay special attention to the stomp and circumstance of ‘Misquote’ – infectious and direct.

‘Telelelevision’ is another high point (despite the dark lyrics) before the album closing opus that is ‘Loser’ signs things of with real style and aplomb. The fuzzed-up guitars complement the throbbing bassline while the track builds. Just wait for the explosion of riffs, glorious.

It might not be ground breaking, but it is a strong and infectious debut. While it might sound like an eclectic mix of styles at times it all comes together in a varied and captivating listen.

AD Rating 7/10

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