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EP Review: Your Heaven Held Me Well by Evertim

Evertim release their new EP Your Heaven Held Me Well on 19th January via Fox Records. Blending an aggressive emo-tinged rock sound with melodies and the knack for a killer hook make Evertim a compelling listen. There’ll be obvious comparisons to Boston Manor and Moose Blood and the UK pop punk scene may still be their natural home, but there’s something special and unique here, this is a band that are going to make waves.

It obvious from EP opener and single ‘Let Me Go’, it’s an anthem for the youth of today. Righteous and commanding with soaring riffs it’s an effortless listen and you’ll soon be singing along. Of the track vocalist/guitarist, Alex Tuck said: “’Let Me Go’ is about that specific moment at the end of the relationship: the break-up. So many thoughts can go running through your head after hearing just a few words, and lyrically that’s what this song is. This is about love, regret, denial, and above all, positivity. The EP title ‘Your Heaven Held Me Well’ sits in the chorus, echoing the message of this record. This song is for that one person.”

‘Tuesday’ sees no drop in quality with more of the anthemic qualities of the opener coming to the fore. Here the vocal work comes to the fore and fills you with the feeling that this is a band on the cusp of something special. ‘The Road We Claim Our Own’ plays like a track from a UK emo / pop punk band long in the tooth rather that a band at the start of their careers. Accomplished and instantaneous you couldn’t ask for more. ‘Clouds’ ramps up the anthemic feel for a life affirming and emotional finish to the EP.

Get in on the action now and welcome to your new favourite band.



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