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Playlist: Statues’ influences

We caught up with Statues to find out what their influences behind their track No Grave, No Burial were.

Over to the band:

We never realised how much we all differ until we did this, thanks for having us! Hope you’re dig our playlist.


  1. Linkin Park – One Step Closer.


Chester and Linkin Park have been quite a large influence on my vocal approach for some time, but for NGNB I decided to focus on that style a bit more. Not many people can do his style with as much genuine expression as Chester and so I guess wanted to explore that with the narrative we made.


  1. Verse – The New Fury.


Classic hardcore banger, but besides that… I really fucking dig their honesty. Maybe that’s why I always found it hitting me so hard, because it wasn’t muddled in metaphor – just truths and facts. That form of realism was influenced in the creation of our narrative and how the lyrics were structured



3.Porcupine Tree – Arriving Somewhere but Not Here.

Steven Wilson’s production and Colin Edwin’s bass playing have always been a big influence of mine and it was great to find some opportunity to channel that influence recording the album.



4.Rage Against the Machine – Testify.

One of my favourite RATM songs and in my opinion one of their best, a super banging riff with a gnarly bass sound.




5. Between The Buried And Me – Prequel to the Sequel.

Was one of the first songs which introduced me to the world of progressive metal/rock. I later grew fond of the album the song is from too, Colours. The album is a progressive metal journey with all songs leading into one another. Blake’s drum parts in this song influenced me in my early days of drumming when I was practicing to this song. Plus, the music the rest of the BTBAM members produce in Colours is diverse and memorable to me. Overall, important song from a great album.



6.Converge – Wretched World.

Converge always have that dark, introspective, moody and dirgey track at the end of their records that leave you feeling completely hopeless only to be hit with chaos again once the album starts playing again. This was the catalyst for our approach to a few songs on NGNB and the mood of this track and others like it put us in the headspace to write some songs with a similar mood.


7. Meshugguh – This Spiteful Snake.

We have always been big fans of the use of metric modulation and polyrythms to create rhythmic tension in music and I can’t think of a band who do this better in a heavy context. This bands use of melodic and harmonic layering is masterful and they are just so proficient at what they do, it’s mind blowing. This is one of my favourite tracks from Obzen and it’s mostly due to a big badass riff at 2:45 that has my goose-necking like an idiot every time. Great song with so many great moments and great use of odd meter, polyrythms and the illusion of repetition when very little stays the same.



8.Veil of Maya – Entry Level Exit Wounds.

This song is a favourite of mine. The fact that it’s a very old VoM song which was re-recorded for this album demonstrates the lasting value of this song. It’s just technical/melodic/breakdowny which is I love it! VoM never fail to impress me.

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