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Playlist: And So I Watch You From Afar – tour listening

Off the back of their recent European tour (with Ireland dates to come this month) and The Endless Shimmering being named our Top Album of 2017, we caught up with And So I Watch You From Afar guitarist Rory Friers to find out what he listens to on tour…

Spotify playlist at the end


Over to Rory:


This is a few samples of what I’ve been listening to on this tour


I got your Raumschiff – Statue

They played an after show at one of our concerts in Maastricht on this tour. I was supposed to be packing our gear down but was transfixed on this band with 4 guitarists. Afterwards one of the guys gave me a CD and we had them on repeat for a lot of the big drives on this tour, this one was our favourite and the companion to many miles of road.


Four Cypresses – Grizzly Bear

One of my favourite bands off all time, I’d been to see them with my girlfriend just before the tour, they’re just a masterclass in songwriting, Daniel Rossen is one of my favourite guitarists and his voice just destroys me every time. Like a lot of Grizzly Bear, this song just grabbed me first listen and took me a million miles away, it’s perfect.


Judges – Colin Stetson

I listen to a lot of Colin Stetson, huge cascading movements of bass saxophone, relentless circular breathing. He mics up every part of the instrument and the room he’s in as well as a mic strapped to his throat which he sings choked melodies through, an absolute virtuoso and master of using an instrument to create real tension and emotion, all his stuff is amazing, this album is my favourite and I could pick any song off it really.


Correct – Robocobra Quartet

These guys are one of my favourite bands in Ireland at the moment, they have elements of so many things I really like, interesting rhythms, horns, ambiguous lyrics spat at you with real conviction and they are brilliant live. Well worth checking out.


The Gaol – Beak>.>>

Chris (Wee, ASIWYFA drummer) introduced me to these guys, I’d always been a fan of almost anything Geoff Barrows had been involved with and I just loved these guys, I’m a sucker for any sort of modulating dreary synth, if it sounds like it’s from a dystopian future film in the late 70s then count me in.


Junk for Code – Autolux

Carla Azar’s beat in this is so good, she was the reason I got into Autolux in the first place, their album Pussy is Dead is amazing and this is one of my favourite tracks off the record, love the production and that groove at the start is so tasty.


Under Duress – Converge

One of my favourite bands of all time with one of their best albums yet. This song is just one of a plethora of absolute dense energy and passion that comes through in this record. Once again another brilliant piece of production by Kurt Ballou. Just a band at the peak of their artistry.


Music for 18 Musicians : Section IIIA – Steve Reich

I go through periods of listening to Steve Reich, it’s always a great soundtrack to travel, Music for 18 Musicians is always a good companion for me. I hadn’t listened to it in a while until I heard someone talking about him again in a podcast so I had this album on a bit.


Quarrel – Moses Sumney

Moses Sumney was a new find on this tour. I’d seen his performance with Cinematic Orchestra at Glastonbury on TV and fell in love with his voice. This is my favourite song on the album.


Human Nature (Trio Extension) – Vijay Iyer Trio

I’m already the biggest Michael Jackson fan and have been listening to a lot of great trios over the past couple of years, I love to hear how real mastery of an instrument can create so much with so little and how in tune with one another really good musicians can be, so when I heard Vijay Iyer’s cover of one of my all time favourite songs growing up I was a big fan straight away. Probably some of the best chord moves ever.


Executive Life – Jeff Parker

I started listening to this record just before tour, I always liked all Jeff Parkers stuff on Tortoise records and this tune has so much to appreciate in it. It reminded me of a lot of the stuff I listened to in my teens from Cinematic Orchestra to a lot of the late nineties Ninja Tune record stuff, the album is really wonderful.


Oka – Catalan

The lyrics and relentless drive be in this song just inspire me every time. It has everything I love about bands like TV on the Radio, Talking Heads right through to Big Country and The Mescaleros on there. Absolute infectiousness and has an amazing music video too actually.


Open Eye Signal – Jon Hopkins

I’d listened to a lot of Jon Hopkins for inspiration when myself and Niall had recently been scoring a film. This was a song Niall played me a couple of years ago when we were driving to a music festival to play one summer, it’s just totally addictive, one of my favourite songs ever, I listen to it all the time if I ever need to just clear my head.


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