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Alt Dialogue’s Top 100 Albums of 2017 Part 1: 100-51

Here it is, Part 1 of our Top 100 albums of 2017. Numbers 100 – 51.

There’s no messing around here, just a simple list with links to a review of each one. Here’s some stats behind the Top 100 and the Results of our Readers poll. For reference here’s 2014, 2015, 2016 P1 and 2016 P2

Studio albums only.

100. Spectral by House Olympics (Bad Break Records)
99. Apparition Sound by Energy (Monster Party Records)
98. There Is No Stillness by Glories (Self)
97. Wild Pink by Wild Pink (Tiny Engines)
96. II by Endless Floods (Dry Cough Records)
95. Thank You For Being A Friend by 88 Fingers Louie (Bird Attack Records)
94. The Barn by IDYLLS (Holy Roar)
93. Navigation by NYOS (Self)
92. Rodia by Swordfish (Take This To Heart)
91. Loom by Loom (Silent Cult Records)
90. Eight Nights by Grand-Pop (Specialist Subject)
89. Nights by Valerian Swing (Small Pond Recordings)
88. The Run Up by The Run Up (Real Ghost Records)
87. Epithet by Cassels (Big Scary Monsters)
86. Flesh Grenade by Consider Yourself (Self)
85. Eternity, In Your Arms by Creeper (Roadrunner Records)
84. Tempest by Telepathy (Golden Antenna Records)
83. Below the House by Planning For Burial (The Flenser)
82. Forever by Code Orange (Roadrunner Records)
81. Worry by Canvas (Basick Records)
80. Witch Hunt by Hornets (Solid Choice Industries)
79. More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me by The Smith Street Band (Specialist Subject)
78. I Awake by Upcdownc (Self)
77. Live & Learn by Bad Sign (Basick Records)
76. Pink by Rad Pitt (Self)
75. Shame Spiral by USA Nails (Hominid Sounds)
74. Fangclub by Fangclub (Vertigo)
73. few by He Is Legend (Spinefarm Records)
72. Invidia by Ventenner (Hibernacula Records)
71. Losing by Bully (Sub Pop)
70. New Kind Of Normal by Cayetana (Plum Records)
69. Impressions by Tall Ships (Fat Cat Records)
68. Good Nature by Turnover (Run For Cover)
67. Whatever Witch You Are by Dead Heavens (Dine Alone Records)
66. Chew by Muskets (No Sleep Records)
65. Leda by Trachimbrod (Dog Knights Productions)
64. The Museum of Everything by Wax Futures (Self)
63. Always Why by Caves (Specialist Subject)
62. Here Again by A Will Away (Triple Crown Records)
61. Shapeshifter by Knuckle Puck (Rise Records)
60. Askesis by Calligram (Basick Records)
59. Victory Lap by Propagandhi (Epitaph)
58. V by The Bronx (Cooking Vinyl)
57. آكتئاب by Ddent (Self)
56. Cities in Search of a Heart by The Movielife (Rise Records)
55. Debt by Helpless (Holy Roar)
54. Seafoam by Kamikaze Girls (Big Scary Monsters)
53. AEON by Kusanagi (Self)
52. No Clearance by Vasudeva (Skeletal Lightning)
51. RARE by Hundredth (Hopeless Records)

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