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Alt Dialogue’s Top 100 Albums of 2017 – The Stats

With our Top 100 Albums coming in the next few days and the results of our Readers Poll being released yesterday, we’ll whet your appetite with the stats behind our list.

As normal we’ve only considered proper studio album releases up to and including the 24th November. That means no Live albums, Compilations, Best Ofs or Re-issues.

First up the nationalities

  • In the Top 100, 45% are American and 37% are English. Of the rest, Australia and Canada represent the non-European contingent with 3 and 1 places respectively.
  • Drilling down into the Top 20, the big two hold nearly the same percentages (40% and 35% respectively) with Belgium, Scotland, Wales, Australia and Northern Ireland sharing the rest of the spoils equally.

Previous appearances

  • 9 acts in the Top 100 appeared in 2014’s Top 50; 3 placed higher this year, all of which are in our top 10
  • 8 appeared in 2015’s Top 50; there’s an even split between moves up and down.
  • 2 bands appeared in 2016’s Top 100, one has placed higher this year with the other missing out on the Top 100 completely.


  • The Top 100 has a massive 60 different record labels and 12 self-releases
  • The Top 50 is more impressive with 35 different record labels and 5 self-releases
  • Nuclear Blast, Holy Roar, Sargent House and Epitaph all have 3 releases in the Top 50
  • If you want variety, the Top 20 is where it’s at with 16 different labels and 2 self-releases.
  • Epitaph and Nuclear Blast have 2 each in the Top 20, with 14 labels having 1 each


  • March releases have the biggest share of the Top 100 with 17.
  • Going into the Top 20, April and February have 3 each. All other months have 2 places apart from May and October that have one each and January which doesn’t feature.


  • It’s a return of the most useless stat… Bands whose name begins with a ‘C’ (13) or a ‘B’ (8) are the most represented. (“The” has been excluded otherwise ‘T’ would, naturally, have been the most popular).








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