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EP Review: Abstract Vision by RAIN

Swindon shoegaze act RAIN release their new EP Abstract Vision on 24th November via Venn Records. Formed in late 2015, RAIN took no time in making a name for themselves. Their debut EP Symphony Pains (Close To Home Records) saw them receive love and attention from the likes of BBC Radio 1, Seattle’s KEXP, Stereogum and Rolling Stone.

Having spent the past year and a half writing and recording a follow up record, Abstract Vision is a five track EP that is a true culmination of their craft. It captures their ability to weave between 90s shoegaze, Creation Records and DIY grunge-pop so seamlessly.

It’s a formidable EP that thrills at every juncture, opener ‘Petrichor’ has a controlled chaos that ebbs and flows between distorted guitars and drum fills to create a wonderful atmosphere. Then you have tracks like ‘Twist The Knife’ and ‘Flowers of Aurora’ that have a romantic and whimsical feel that beg you to fall in love and get lost in the soaring guitars. The former is an outstanding brooding track that hints of great things to come from the band while the latter revels in sonic shoegazing landscapes.

‘Dreaming In Black and White’ separates the two tracks and showcases a heavier grunge side to the band, the crunchy riffs excite and lend proceedings an air of urgency. Closer, and title track ‘Abstract Vision’ tantalising – marring the romanticism and urgency of the preceding tracks it’s your perfect starting point.

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