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Album Review: Askesis by Calligram

Multinational blackened hardcore act Calligram release their debut album Askesis on 24th November via Basick Records. A viciously dark and atmospheric ride through bleakened lands of sonic destruction, Askesis has a unique sound that has already seen the band championed by Metal Hammer, Terrorizer, and more.

Askesis was recorded in February 2017 at the Ranch Production House with Lewis Johns (Rolo Tomassi, Svalbard, Employed To Serve) & mastered by Audiosiege’s Brad Boatright (Trap Them, Mutoid Man, NAILS).

The London-based band is true testament to modern music’s global outlook: Italian, Brazilian, and French nationals creating an album of impressive heft. Led by Italian Matteo Rizzardo’s tortured shrieking vocals, Calligram aren’t for the faint hearted. No more evident than on opener ‘Della Mancanza’ where ferocious riffs are met with black metal style vocals.

‘Sinking Into Existence’ is every bit as visceral with the doom laden riffs creating an added sinister edge that gives the tracks punishing darkness to chill the bones. ‘Scourge’ shows a more expansive side to Calligram, yet don’t mistake this for it being any less brutal. Again, it’s a pummelling exposure to 6-plus minutes of hardcore.

While ‘Murderess’ and ‘Entwined’ come in under 2 minutes they’re both essential tracks in the makeup of Askesis. The former is temporary respite from the blackened hardcore whilst the latter gives you another constant aural assault before ‘Lament’ closes the album – the aptly named behemoth of a song combines slow anguish and spacious soundscapes with an absolutely pummelling climax.

AD Rating 7/10


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