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Album Review: Because Your Path Is Unlike Any Other by Dialects

Glasgow based instrumental band Dialects release their debut album Because Your Path Is Unlike Any Other on 24th November via Through Love Records. Following 2015s EP release LTKLTL the album has the feel of Dialects most ambitious and confident material to date. Recorded at legendary Scottish studio Chem 19 with producer Nick Lowrie (Vukovi, Prides) and mixed by Ed Woods (Lonely The Brave, Reuben), this is an assured release that will surely see Dialect catapulted into the upper echelons of the post-rock / progressive rock scene.

From the gentle introduction into the bursting riffs and euphoric triumph of opener ‘Superluminal’ the tone of Because Your Path Is Unlike Any Other is set early. It’s a tone that is set for success and while it earmarks the soaring riffs of And So I Watch You From Afar and the math-rock shifts of You Slut!, it’s got a unique flavour that begs you to fall in love. From there the album goes from strength to strength with ‘Light Echo’ and ‘Lorentzian’ being two of the most powerful math tinged post-rock tracks of the year. The former contains some excellent expansive guitar work while the later revels in its intricacies.

The power of Because Your Path Is Unlike Any Other shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone familiar with Dialects. Their rise has been hallmarked with praise and tours worthy of a band with a genuine talent, check out their 2016 Audiotree session (here) for proof. Thankfully, this album is worthy of the band’s talent and their potential is fully realised.

‘Illusory’ is proof of this. It showcases the band’s ability to refine the chaos, the barrage of intricate guitar work is harnessed by the driving bassline and drums as the track shifts from one stage to another. There’s a vitality to the track and following tracks ‘When You Die, You’re Truly Alone’ and ‘I’m Not A Comedian’ that injects new life into you and connects in a visceral way.

The urgency and immediacy of ‘Escape Velocity’ suckers you in as the track builds into a frantic pace before turning heel into a beautiful post-rock opus. In the fifth minute the riffs return with triumph leading the track through to its euphoric conclusion, proof (if it was needed) that Dialects are something very special.

Both ‘It’s Not A Ghost… It’s Gravity’ and the title track are excellent tracks but it’s with album closer ‘Mountainous’ that you’re left with the sense that this is one of 2017s essential instrumental albums. It’s another opportunity for Dialects to explore the joyous blend of math and post-rock and hammer home the unique emotional connection each note contains.

AD Rating 9/10

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