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Album Review: All is in Sync and there’s nothing left…. by Ghost Atlas

Ghost Atlas released their new album All Is In Sync and There’s  Nothing Left To Sing About on 17th November. Ghost Atlas is the solo project of Jesse Cash who primarily known for his role in the Sumarian Records metal band ERRA, but there is a melodic, alt-rock side to his writing here that lends the album an instantaneous energy that you can’t help but get on board with.

Cash began releasing music under the Ghost Atlas moniker in 2014 with Gold Soul Coma and the 2015 EP Immortal Youth. Being the sole member of band, the project is a very personal reflection of Cash’s emotions, life experience and work. With that sense of independence, he invested thousands of dollars of his own money into the creation and release of All is in sync and there’s nothing left to sing about. Cash says “The freedom of total independence is super gratifying. It showcases a protective spirit towards the integrity of the music and general creative direction, as well as a more personal feeling of getting your music directly from the musician.”

It’s an album full of big, accessible alt rock tracks. Each one of the 12 tracks are ideal for alt rock radio and will have mass appeal. It’s not your average middle of the road rock though, there’s a grit and energy that give it all more credence. Standout track and lead single ‘Legs’ should be your go to point, “It has a dark, uncomfortable, yet sexy vibe to it,” says Cash. “It’s like the sound of sadomasochism and hopefully invokes a mood in the listener that is similar to the feeling I get from listening to a song like ‘You’ve Seen the Butcher’.”

With the tone set, it’s an album you can sit back and relax to. It’s a straightforward and unchallenging listen, the riffs and melodic vocals wash over you and engrain themselves within the lifespan of each track. Sure, it’s nothing new and certainly isn’t ground breaking but you don’t always need something special, it’s enjoyable and powerful. Stick it on, enjoy and forget the world.

AD Rating 6.5/10

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