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Album Review: The Run Up by The Run Up

Bristol punk rock act The Run Up release their debut, self-titled album, on 15th November via Real Ghost Records / Get Party Records. Having just returned from a successful US tour which finished up at an ‘at capacity’ show @ The Fest, Gainesville, the 5-piece melodic punk rock band have carved out a strong reputation in their homeland scene, on the basis of their fun but energetic and passionate live shows. The band formed in spring 2014 and set out to have as much fun as possible. Along their travels the band have played / toured with Such Gold, A Wilhelm Scream, Off With Their Heads, The Flatliners, Iron Chic and Red City Radio.

The Run Up is classic melodic punk. Think along the lines of Iron Chic, forthright, riotous and uncompromising. First impressions are of a band heavily influenced by the American Punk Rock scene, and while the sound is heavily indebted to its influences it is kind of refreshing to hear and English punk rock band sounding decidedly non-English.

It would’ve been a bit too predictable if The Run Up sounded like just another English punk rock band. 2017 has been a little oversaturated with bands following the sound of Great Cynics, Bear Trade et al, hence there’s an air of freshness and invigoration to The Run Up. Conversely, the sound couldn’t fit more comfortably into the sound of most of the bands on The Fest line up.

Crucially though, it’s an album full of bangers. All 10 tracks come in on point and deliver up a thrilling listen. This is the album that Iron Chic should’ve delivered.

AD Rating 7.5/10

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