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Album Review: A Capital Idea by Dissociates

London punks Dissociates release their debut album A Capital Idea on 10th November via Safety Second Records. Recorded at Middle Farm Studios, Devon with James Bragg (Cock Sparrer, Solemn Sun, WOAHNOWS) the 10-track album contains 5 brand new songs and 5 tracks from their previous EP – ‘After Hours At The Violet Club’.

The album artwork, revealed today features the iconic George Major wearing a radiation mask imagining “A London which continues to thrive with the backdrop of low-level radioactive fallout”. Also known as the ‘Pearly King of Peckham’ George comes from a long line of working-class Londoners who don magnificent suits and hats and raise money for charitable causes. Commenting on the artwork and the ideas behind it, vocalist/guitarist Dan Stevens explains:

“We wanted to contrast something traditionally London with the imagined future of fallout. That’s where the idea of getting a Pearly came from. It would have been disrespectful to have faked it so that’s when we got in touch with George Major. He’s not just ‘a Pearly’ he’s King Pearly and president of the Guild of Pearlies.

At 84 he’s a living legend and we were honoured to have him part of our story. When David Gill heard what we were doing he very kindly offered his services and really captured George’s dignity in the photo”.

Dissociates met as teenagers. After being in several bands through university, fate then took control when a “shit party” reunited them in their mid-20s. Rather than endure a “whack club”, they went for a drink and Dissociates were born.

Now 10 years and one new bassist later, the band have released acclaimed EPs through punk stalwart labels like Household Name, Disorder and Safety Second Records, they’ve won fans at home, and terrified audiences from old opera houses in Ukraine to abandoned Luftwaffe bunkers in Berlin. They’ve progressed from a “shouty skate-punk band” to a genre-crossing blast that’s considered and adventurous, but still driven by pure punk adrenaline. “We’ve outgrown our sloppy reputation, but we still wanna have fun,” as Dan puts it bluntly. “We’ve always had an aversion to just doing formulaic stuff,” admits guitarist Ned Mendez. “You’ve got to mix it up a bit. The people who like us are the people who can appreciate that you can have some aggression as well as melody to get your head into. “Punk Rock” is a broad church. We’re not NOFX – we’re more down the Fugazi dial.”

Should you give A Capital Idea your time? Yeah, if political fraught old school punk is your thing. The first half of the album is markedly better than the latter half, make those 5 tracks you’re go to points. It’s nothing special, standard punk along the line of The Stiff Little Fingers but not as good. It’s inoffensive and quite enjoyable. Give it a spin.

AD Rating 5.5/10

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