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Playlist: Dialects talk about influences behind the new album

Ahead of the release of the debut album Because Your Path Is Unlike Any Other on 24th November, we caught up with Glaswegian instrumental act Dialects to find out their favourite tracks and influences.

Enjoy the playlist…

Steven Gillies

Judith by A Perfect Circle

“Judith”, and APC’s ‘Mer de Noms’ in general, inspired a lot of the melodic leads that I play on the album. There’s a groovy riff in the latter half of “Escape Velocity” that shows that band’s influence as well.


Shirts & Skins by Native

“Shirts and Skins” was definitely a tonal influence. Conor and I are both really tuned into this aspect of guitar tone, and any time we discover a new band or sound, we like to investigate how it’s been created. In this case, using the digitech whammy pedal which features pretty heavily throughout the album. The outro of album closer, “Mountainous” is very indebted to Native. RIP!


Massive Bereavement by Oceansize

“Massive Bereavement” is a great example of how to arrange a progressive song Superluminal (the opening track on the album) has a section where we drop a beat from every bar during the 2nd half of a section – something Oceansize did, masterfully, throughout their career. Without a doubt one of the greatest progressive bands of all time.


Ali Walker

King For A Day (album) by Faith No More

Too hard to pick one song from this Faith No More album. Billy Gould is a massive influence on all my bass playing. Certainly a good stylistic blueprint with regards to variety of style and tone.


Soundtrack of Ridge Racer

Might seem strange, but when I came up with the synth bass line in our song “Mountainous”, I was tipping my hat to the sweet sounds of Ridge Racer, as I remember playing it the arcade years ago with music pumping. Choonz!


Tripping On A Hole In A Paper Heart by Stone Temple Pilots

The bass lines and runs on this STP song have always been a favourite of mine. Busy but musical and tasteful. I tried to throw in bits of this stylistically at different points on the album.


Conor Anderson

Search:Party:Animal by And So I Watch You From Afar

Rory Friers from ASIWYFA has been a huge influence on my guitar playing over the years. This track in particular, showcases how huge they can get with powerful riffs and pure distortion. They’ve been using Orange amps for years and due to the magnitude of sound I too eventually went for Orange.


I Just Got This Symphony Goin’ by The Fall of Troy

A lot of bands in the wonderful world of math rock use clean tapping a lot. In this case though Thomas Erak plays a distorted tapping part. In “Lorentzian”, from our album, I use a similar idea to play a polyrhythmic tapping line over a more irregular time signature.


Cleam by Mister Lies

Over the years I’ve become hugely fascinated with chillwave/vapourwave music. Mister Lies has managed to create beautiful soundscapes with simple pads and synths. As an exercise in understanding I began to experiment with infinite reverb sounds creating similar effects. These feature heavily on the album.


And to round it off here’s a Dialects Audiotree performance:

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