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EP Review: Never Let The Devil In by Lullaby

Lullaby release their debut EP Never Let The Devil In on 20th October via SHED Records. Lullaby’s emotionally-driven, hook-heavy rock music has been turning heads this year even though the band have but a handful of gigs under their belts and a couple of singles released.

Of those singles released, ‘A Lie’ and ‘Animal’ kick of the EP giving you the perfect introduction to the band. The former is a driving alt rock track which hints at the talent at the heart of Lullaby while the latter takes it to the next level with emotion packed to the rafters and sumptuous hooks that are easy on the ear.

Next up is Lullaby’s next single, ‘Speed’, a track which oozes rifftacular goodness and also a tinge of 90s Brit pop sensibility. As vocalist Lewis Knaggs says, “Speed is about moving through life too fast and feeling like you can’t quite keep up. It’s from the point of view of being with someone that has this effect on you as well.” The typically gorgeous music video accompaniment was shot out in Iceland when Lullaby were playing a festival out there “we stayed with some good friends who are from there…” explains Lewis. “We had a pretty crazy time so it only seemed right to document our experience and put it to this track.”

‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ excels with its hard rock riffs before closer and title track ‘Never Let The Devil In’ displays a maturity and infectious song writing aptitude that is worthy of a band long in the tooth rather than one on their first EP.

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