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Album Review: AEON by Kusanagi

Kusanagi release their new album AEON on 20th October. Comprising of 5 tracks spanning over 40 minutes and was recorded at Crash Studios, Liverpool by producer Andy Fernihough.

Memory Reflector was written and recorded over the course of a year and half alongside the other tracks on the album and introduces new electronic synth elements that the band have been working with throughout the album’s writing process.

With the added dimension of synths, AEON heralds a new sound for Kusanagi – it’s deeper, more progressive and expansive. It shifts the band from standard post-rock to the freer experimental edge of the genre, with less reliance on riffs the sound takes a more gradual approach – it mightn’t be as immediate as 2015s YUGEN – yet you’re left with an album that’s, ultimately, more rewarding with a greater longevity.

Where exactly to place the band’s new sound? Mogwai and God Is An Astronaut would be your closest points of reference. Certainly opener ‘I See You’ channels the euphoric landscapes of the latter while ‘Memory Reflector’ channels some of the former’s ambiance with a flavour of Collapse Under The Empire thrown into the mix.

‘Afterdark’ takes the drawn out and expansive post-rock model to another level, spanning 10-plus minutes, it’s the ambitious opus of the album and revelling in its complexity. The guitar work here is phenomenal, the intricate work from 3 minutes to the shift to keys in the sixth minute is full of gusto and emotion. It’s the mark of a band high on confidence, it may have a slower tempo than previous releases but you’ll find Kusanagi to be at their most moving and inspired.

‘Repeat Static Movement’ lays on the synths with a dance swagger pushing the gentle guitar work to the next level. Closer ‘The Infinite Bright’ is a stunning piece of emotionally wrought post-rock. It’ll take you from the bottom to the top with its overarching optimism shining bright and clear.

AD Rating 7.75/10

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