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Album Review: Feel Something by Movements

Movements release their debut album Feel Something on 20th October via Fearless Records. Produced by the highly-acclaimed Will Yip (Tigers Jaw, Balance and Composure, Title Fight), the 11-track album serves as the follow-up to the band’s successful Outgrown Things EP released in March of 2016.

Think accessible post hardcore with lashings of alt rock, it’s the album fans of Title Fight, Brand New and Can’t Swim will fall in love with. A strong and progressive debut, you get the sense that this is the start of a huge career. The confidence that seeps from Movements’ sound is more akin to a band long in the tooth, it’s accomplished and refined.

As a starting point see lead single ‘Colorblind’. “[It] is one of the songs off of Feel Something that we felt best embodied the progression of our music,” lead-singer Patrick Miranda tells Billboard. “We wanted the first new song everyone heard to be a heavy hitting banger that would really hit the ground running, and set a tone for the rest of the record.” It does its job superbly, a standout in terms of instant post hardcore tones, the rest of the album follows suit and is of a similar quality.

If you’re looking for a stick to beat the album with, then you could say it’s your archetypical modern American alt rock record. Accessible with more than an undercurrent of emo, you’ll find it similar to Balance & Composure and more recent Have Mercy material. For us, that’s no bad thing, albeit it’s not wholly original or exciting.

It’s the unfortunate thing about Feel Something. It just doesn’t standout, you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve heard it all before. What is otherwise a solid and accomplished album lacks that killer edge to make it an essential listen, rather it will sit alongside similar albums in the second tier of albums released in 2017.

‘Fever Dream’, ‘Uffer Through’ and ‘Deep Red’ are excellent songs that along with ‘Colorblind’ form the spine of the album. Strong tracks that showcase the talent and potential of Movements. Whilst it’s a strong debut it’s perhaps a bit of false start, nevertheless Movements will be huge.

AD Rating 6.5/10

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