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Feature: The Search for Hidden Gems Volume 2

It’s volume 2 of our search for hidden gems. As before it’s the best of track sent to us via SubmitHub.

Firewall by Les Friction

As “concept rock operas” go this sits somewhere between Queen and Muse. Let us set the scene, the year is 2051 AD. Dark Matter is growing to consume the universe’s home dimension. While traveling to other dimensions to escape their realities at home, people’s soulless human shells remain on Earth – leaving the planet in shambles. Three children (two brothers and a girl) with extraordinary genes have been selected for a mission to stop Earth’s destruction and return it to its natural state. But after preparing for years together, this make-shift family’s fight to save the home dimension, is threatened by an unexpected force


Momentum by Unmask

Let this be your first introduction to a post-progressive roman band. We weren’t quite sure how it was going to turn out so it piqued or interest. Turns out its hard rock in the vein of Tool and pretty good at that.


All in Now by Ascending Dawn

Another slab of hard rock. It’s a little more accessible this time and the female led vocal gives it a good unique selling point.


Tara by Orissa

This came to us tagged as Post Rock. This isn’t Post Rock. Guess what it is? Yep it’s more hard rock. A tad more progressive than the others, but we promise to make it the last one OK?


Last Breath by Fehm

At first, we were going to give this track a pass. The electro intro put us off a little, then the track developed into a post punk goliath and we feel in love. Stand out track of the list.


Alone by Second Lash

We’re about to go on holiday to Portugal so it the perfect reason to include this Portugese quartet. There’s a hit of Evanessence about the track and that’s no bad thing


Spate by Yelept

As a general rule of thumb, we’d normally stay clear of this brand of metal. It’s the kind that flirts with nu-metal but has a flair for the intricate. Luckily this track is more Gorija than Korn


Burrows by Chalk Hands

We’ve left the best to last. A huge slab of post rock inspired scream lifted from the band’s EP Burrows & Other Hideouts. Play it loud





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