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Album Review: II by Monster Treasure

Monster Treasure release their new album II on 6th October via Leisure & District. Full of fuzzed up punk rock and grunge it’s a riotous scuzzed despondence and other worldly melodies. Of the first track to be revealed ‘Leave’, vocalist/guitarist Briana Granados says: “Can you believe it, it’s another break-up song.  When a person treats you like shit, you might start to wonder if it’s your own fault and what you may have done wrong but sometimes things just aren’t meant to be.”

Imagine Blondie rocking out an unknown Nirvana cover at CBGB’s in the early 80s before grunge even existed and you might be halfway there. While it’s not a perfect album, when you get into it it has an insatiable quality. Within its own world it begs to be listened to on repeat, but conversely it isn’t a record that will be top of your pile. It’s a contradiction of an album, you want to love it but there’s something blocking the way.

To be honest we’re stumped on what the blocker is. Perhaps it’s the impact of the tracks, they don’t connect much. Sure, they’re infectious when the record is playing, you just won’t have that much desire to return. It’s good but ultimately forgettable.

Perhaps it because Monster Treasure don’t have a unique sound. ‘Neon Garden’ couldn’t be much closer to Nirvana’s rendition of ‘Mollys Lips’ without turning into a cover. On other parts, they sound like a myriad of English female fronted indie punk.

Songs like ‘Buttercream’ and ‘No Hope’ disappear into the fuzzed-up grunge and have little to no impact. Not only is it a contradictory album but it’s also a mixed bag as you have tracks like ‘Leave’ which ends up being pretty damn good.

Maybe we’ve taken it too seriously and it should be taken as a bit of fun and not a potential world beater. Either way it’s decent, albeit with not much longevity.

AD Rating 5.5/10

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