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EP Review: I Don’t Live Here Anymore by Dizzy Bats

Dizzy Bats released their new EP I Don’t Live Here Anymore on 22nd September. In what is the band’s fifth release it showcases the development of the band and how far they’ve come, formidable and accomplished this should be your go to point if you haven’t already become acquainted with the band.

Written and arranged around the US Presidential Election, these three tunes are dark and personal, reflecting on themes of sickness, anxiety, and identity.  Harmonically, this effort introduces a heavier side, built on a wall of guitars in the first two songs, and switches gears entirely with a lighter, slower, and cleaner alternative on the final track.

Opener ‘I’m Listening’ has an urgency and immediacy that suckers you in. The harmonies are infectious as ever, but the darker side of the lyrics give the track an extra quality setting it out from previous Dizzy Bats’ releases. ‘Scared’ continues the style and theme of the opening track and is every bit as strong, again it’s commanding and the stark honesty behind the track lends it an endearing class. Title track and closer ‘I Don’t Live Here Anymore’ tones things down a gear taking a slower more delicate tact. There’s still a big impact though which underlines how Dizzy Bats have realised their potential.

Dizzy Bats finest work to date.

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