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Album Review: The Barn by IDYLLS

IDYLLS release their third album The Barn on 29th September via Holy Roar Records (UK) and Black Wire Records (AUS). Following on from their 2014 album Prayer For Terrene the Brisbane outfit serve up a chaotically raw and imposing brand of genre shifting hardcore.

Mark our words, it’s abrasive from the outset. This isn’t an easy listen, for readers of a delicate disposition this isn’t for you. The shapeshifting beast feels akin to Leeds outfit Blacklisters albeit a hundred times more visceral, freer and far more imposing.

On The Barn, the band eschew many of their previous metallic, grinding elements in favour of something more unnerving, an agitating sound – IDYLLS seem to relax without foregoing precisely constructed chaos. A seething, haunting & vital record that draws upon the finest elements of artists such as The Birthday Party, John Zorn, Daughters, Pissed Jeans and their ilk.

It’s hard to get past the thought of “Fuck me” when listening to IDYLLS. It’s like nothing you’ve heard before yet perversely comforting and welcome. It’s just completely fucked up in every way, throughout its 32 minutes there’s not a second of respite. The angular, chilling and often brutal guitar work is a challenge for even the most acclimatised listener.

It’s a challenge which is ultimately very rewarding. The end result is a wonderfully diverse and varied album that will take as far from your comfort zone as possible. Normally we’d like to focus on a couple of tracks, but here it’d be a feckless task. Each track while being its own independent beast, could easily be 10 plus tracks mashed together in a bust of refined chaos.

It’s a thrill ride, it is the sound of raw, quivering, vulnerability. Imperfect, but wholesome

AD Rating 7/10

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