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Feature: The Search for Hidden Gems Volume 1

Welcome to our new round up of essential tracks submitted to Alt Dialogue via SubmitHub. It’s a bit different to your normal run of the mill round up, these tracks have been submitted to us via SubmitHub by the band themselves so you’re getting to hear a band most likely unsigned and perhaps on the cusp of something great.

We’ll still be sharing and tracks submitted directly to us on Twitter and Facebook, but onwards with Volume 1 of the Search for Hidden Gems.


The Pedestrian by Mute Choir

There’s notes of a big alt rock track with plenty of pop sensibility thrown into the mix. The hooks with sucker you in, but it’s the driving bassline that makes the track stand out. Canadian pop rock at its best.


Storm by Daddy Lion

Hailing from Columbia, SC Daddy Lion serve up a Dinosaur Jr-esque slab of alt rock. The guitar work here creates a haunting atmosphere and the vocal work is sumptuous. As a taster for their forthcoming album Learn to Have Nothing and You Will Have Everything due in January 2018 there may be big things ahead.


Henry’s Arm by Pink Elephant

Lifted from Pink Elephant’s second album Around Your Neck this is a moving piece of post-rock infused with noise rock influences. Think Mogwai blended with a rambunctious Sonic Youth and you’ll be on the right track.


Dusty Valley by Beerwine King

If you’re willing to ignore the band name, then you’ll find yourself listening to an excellent sprawling and ambitious track. Plenty of riffs and a big rock vocal to hook you in.


Lush by Fears Chella

Immediate and infectious pop rock with tinges of American emo filtering through. A thoroughly enjoyable and exciting track that makes the talent of Fears Chella plainly obvious. The standout track of the round up


Motives by Archie Alone

There’s something young and innocent sounding about Archie Alone, perhaps it’s the vocal as the music is accomplished and commanding. Young and innocent is no bad thing and it lends the track an endearing quality that makes it even more likeable.


Deathlazers by Horns

I’ll be honest, I wanted to include some classic hard rock and I really wanted to include something from the Dominican Republic.


Outro Pt.1 by Arpeggi

Dreamy, hazy post-rock from Arpeggi. Don’t expect an awful lot to happen, this is firmly in the more ambient side of post-rock. That said it’s a captivating and well-structured listen.


Tangram by Juan Carrizo

One for the guitar lover. Really impressive musicianship here. There’s something hypnotic about the looping guitars with the crescendo sending chills down the spine



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