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Album Review: Seed by Looming

Looming release their sophomore album Seed on 28th September via No Sleep Records. Building upon the foundations set out by their 2015 debut Nailbiter, Looming have grown and expanded their sound whilst retaining their distinctive sound.

Recorded by Carnes in Braddock, PA and mixed by Jay Robbins (Lemuria, Mock Orange, Jets to Brazil), the band’s sophomore record lyrically explores regret, longing and growth over a vast, layered and lush musical background. “Each release we put out pretty honestly shows the transition we have gone through as we learn about ourselves and our sound and our potential,” Jessica Knight says. “With that being said Seed is something we are very very proud of. We played around with a lot of new ideas for this one and hope that it shows while maintaining our identity we presented on Nailbiter.”

It’s a good album without being anything special. The blend of spikey punk rock with a mainstream rock sensibility makes it accessible, however it flatters to deceive and ultimately is pretty forgettable.

Things get off to a promising start with ‘Down’ having the basis and structure of an excellent track, there’s plenty of hooks there to sucker you in, yet even at this early stage doubts begin to creep in about Knight’s vocal. There’s something about the pitch that makes it an acquired taste. Both ‘Queen’ and ‘Tired & True’ are decent tracks but by this stage you’ve probably reached your limit with the vocal and it verges on the irritating. It’s such a shame, especially considering the latter of those two tracks is musically excellent.

‘Smoke’ and ‘Majesty’ as standalone tracks/singles could be considered excellent, in this environment they’re hampered by the vocal again. Closer ‘Lace’ has some captivating dynamics but again falls foul.

AD Rating 5.75/10

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