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Playlist: Canshaker PI’s influences

On the back of their new single ‘Indie Academy’ we caught up with Canshaker PI who gave us some tracks that influenced the single.

First up, the single:


The Influences:

Shelter by The Dead Trees

This is pretty much the kind of song we were going for. A catchy pop song. This is the band the SKATERS singer was in before SKATERS. I don’t think they were that well known but they’ve put out a killer record called Whatwave (I think one of the guys from The Strokes produced it) and a cool EP with Shelter on it.


Two Feet by Hallo Venray

Together with De Artsen, The Ex and Rats On Rafts this band rules over the lands of Nether. We used to listen to this record, but they released an even better record called Where’s The Funky Party? this year. We recorded Indie Academy on Vlieland right after the Into The Great Wide Open festival ( one of the coolest Dutch festivals around), in the same studio and with the same engineer (our main homie Sietse Damen) as Hallo Venray recorded their album Show. This one of many cool songs on that album.


All My Friends by LCD Soundsystem

One of those bands that headline festivals and sell out shows that make you wonder: “have I ever met a _____ -fan?” and turns out to be pretty damn great. This was the ultimate soundtrack to our two weeks of recording on the Dutch island Vlieland.


Sun Coming Down by Ought

This is one of our favourite bands at the moment. Can’t wait for the next album. Singer Tim Darcy made an awesome record too.


Pears For Lunch by Girl Band

Girl Band also played at the ITGWO festival we played just before we started the recording process. This band is amazing. Lawman is even better, but we were listening to their Holding Hands With Jamie record when we were recording. A couple of months before that we were supposed to open for them on a boat in Rotterdam. We had been looking forward to it for two weeks or something, since it was our favourite band of all time at that time, but they cancelled on the day of the show. We were very sad. Girl Band is very cool. We love Girl Band.


Udi Baba by Asha Bhosle

A friend of ours told us about this whilst on Vlieland. Great song we used to play as we got on stage. We listened to this every single day while recording. Ha-ha-hi-hi-ho-ho-ha-ha udi baba udi baba udi baba

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