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EP Review: Haunt Me by We Came From Wolves

Scottish alt rock act We Came From Wolves release their new EP Haunt Me on 22nd September via HeartOut Records. With the band paving the way with their self-titled debut in 2015, Haunt Me showcase the band at the very top of their game. The band’s emo and post-hardcore roots shine through as always but this is a whole new level of accessibility. There’s a genuine feeling that this could be the release that pushes We Came From Wolves into the mainstream.

The EP follows a strong theme of escaping pain and sadness through passion and love and overcoming the hard times to come out the other side stronger with the help of those people and even past times that you love. The impassioned vocal work of Kyle Burgess is explementary throughout the EP, and whisper this, he might just have what it takes to be one of the UK’s best frontmen.

Lead singles ‘The Peak Beneath The Sea’ and ‘Places Unfamiliar’ are excellent, yet it’s the two tracks they’re bookended by that show just how much We Came From Wolves have come. ‘This Never Gets Easy’ is as ferocious as it is immediate and ‘Falling’ comes out shining bright as one of the most accessible and instantons alt rock tracks you’ll hear in 2017. Closer and title track ‘Haunt Me’ is all the evidence you could need for tipping We Came From Wolves for huge things, that hook is insatiable.


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